Casey Aldridge Helps His Maybe Baby Mama

Britney’s little sis is ever expanding, and her gravitational force has finally become strong enough to attract her alleged baby daddy Casey Aldridge within her orbital plane. Otherwise, Jamie Lynn Spears is usually forced to run errands all by her pregnant lonesome. Perhaps her young beau seems particularly unenthusiastic about his impending fatherhood because of the whole being-a-teenager thing.

However, there are other possible explanations for Casey’s seeming apathy, and perhaps they’re related to the rumors that he might not actually be related to Jamie Lynn’s unborn child. Star magazine suggested last December that the father of the teenage Zoey 101 star’s bundle of joy was actually a Nickelodeon executive.

Either way, they need to start paying Casey more money or have Jamie Lynn wear some beef jerky around her neck, because otherwise, this woman is going to give birth by herself in a grocery cart in a Wal-Mart parking lot.