Katie Holmes: Stepford Wife on Broadway

Katie Holmes, 29, will be performing in Arthur Miller’s All My Sons on Broadway this fall. According to E! News, she’s been in talks since March to star in the Tony Award-winning play about a woman who visits the family of her missing lover, a World War II fighter pilot, and discovers their patriarch was involved in black-market business dealings.

Holmes will star alongside John Lithgow, Dianne Wiest and Patrick Wilson in the 1947 production. Guess she’s getting in character, since she’s already dressing like she was born in 1947!

No premiere date or place has been set, but Katie will be directed by Simon McBurney. All My Sons will be Katie’s Broadway debut and the first play she has done since high school. And she’ll be trodding the boards six nights a week…yeah, that’s gonna go over well on the home front.

But let’s face it, every day is a performance for her, so this shouldn’t be a stretch. Just add a stage and some lights. Same wardrobe.

Katie’s husband, megalomaniac Tom Cruise, might want to reconsider giving his brainwashed bride permission to leave his side. Tom’s ex-wife Nicole Kidman made HER Broadway debut 10 years ago in The Blue Room.

She was still married to Tom at the time…and we all know how that turned out. Broadway is an underground railroad for Scientology beards!