Lance Armstrong Sure Likes ‘Em Fat

The cyclist whose other hobby appears to be dating ultra low-fat celebrities is currently being romantically linked to the bubbly blond star of Fool’s Gold. After Kate Hudson’s recent split from funnyman Owen Wilson, the spawn of Goldie Hawn was seen cozying up with Lance Armstrong Friday night in Austin, Texas, at an Armstrong favorite restaurant Eddie V’s.

A tipster confirmed the news to People magazine, “They came in [Friday] and had dinner together; it’s true.”

The following evening, the two met up with a handful of friends, along with Armstrong’s three children, at the Hula Hut. They dined on burgers, fries and tacos. When questioned whether or not Lance and Kate looked like they were a couple, the source responded, “They looked like they were having fun.”

Let’s just hope there’s a tandem bicycle and spandex unitards in their future. The potential for photo opportunities is just too amazing for them not to try and make this relationship work. Sadly, though, all this “eating” early on in the hook-up doesn’t bode well for long-term success.