Lindsay Lohan Seeks Backers for Her Birthday Bash

Lindsay Lohan turns 22 on July 2 (her liver turns 86). According to the marketing firm arranging her party (because everybody does that, right?), Ol’ Firecrotch is  looking for sponsors to underwrite the bash.

The firm’s site states that those who pony up for the Moroccan-themed fete will receive inclusion in the gift bags, among other enticements.

They also promise that “each [sponsorship] package will be tailored to meet the needs of each sponsor.” But, really, isn’t it more important that the sponsors are tailored to match the event?

If the organizers are anywhere near savvy (which is questionable, given their choice of clients), each gift bag will contain a six-pack of Mickey’s, a bottle of Valtrex and a gift certificate good for a free weekend at Promises Treatment Center.