Nicole Kidman’s Belly Swells…Finally

Over its first two trimesters, Nicole Kidman’s baby bump has been pretty discreet. The mother-to-be has barely appeared to be impregnated. All that changed when the spin-class-loving actress graced the red carpet at the Academy of Country Music Awards with her husband Keith Urban.

An Yves Saint-Laurent strapless gown showed off Nic’s expandable tummy, at last giving proof that there is, in fact, something growing inside the Oscar-winning actress’s midsection.

As for how Kidman is feeling, she told Us Weekly, “I feel good.”  Her country-music-making husband dished that he was “very excited” about the baby’s impending arrival. Yes, both earth-shattering revelations from a couple expecting their first child together. You’re welcome for the insight you’ve just been given.

Meanwhile, normal mothers-to-be should be thanking Jamie Lynn Spears for gaining weight in a way that’s comprehensible to that portion of the country that doesn’t subsist on celery stalks and cracker crumbs.

Yes, Jamie Lynn is indeed a role model for pregnancy counselors everywhere.