Dina Lohan's Reality Series Is Really Sickening

Dina Lohan's Reality Series Is Really Sickening-photo

In her new E! reality series, Living Lohan, Dina Lohan's marketing herself as "One Tough Mother," in the vein of a Sharon Osbourne. "The lion protects her cubs," she tells the camera. However, her poor parenting would indicate that the only likeness she bears to said lioness would probably be the golden mane of weave she has attached to her vacant skull and her French-manicured talons.



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  • skeller

    Dina's doing her best as a single mother. It's all apart of Hollywood and being in the public eye. I think the show is a great idea and a more personal inside scoop of how much the media plays into their lives. Plus I have fallen in love with Cody...and he's just so freakin cute!

  • mraniston

    that is not the face of a 14 year old girl? i swear they could all be sisters.

  • notobsessed

    “Ali just loves this business and unfortunately, I have to manage her.” BARF!