Lane Garrison Goes to the Bigger House

 Prison Break actor Lane Garrison, who was sentenced to 40 months in the clink last October after a DUI crash killed a 17-year-old passenger of his, is being transferred from the medium-security Golden State Correctional Facility to the maximum-security California Substance Abuse Facility in Corcoran, E! Online reports.

The reason for the transferâ��Garrison’s fifthâ��is unknown. (Maybe authorities want to be fair and give everyone a crack at the Hollywood pretty-boy?) Reports indicate that Garrison has been a model prisoner, leading prayer groups and substance-abuse support meetings at his current facility.

California Department of Corrections spokesman Terry Thornton confirmed the relocation, stating, “I cannot go into the reasons for the transfer, but the transfer is for the benefit of the inmate.”

“Benefit” may be a relative term. According to one source, “Generally speaking, if you are in a medium-security facility with 600 inmates, you don’t get moved to a place that’s high-security with 6,000 guys. Especially Corcoranâ��those are violent guys, mostly doing their time for murder.” Those “guys” include charismatic hippie crime kingpin Charles Manson and Bobby Kennedy assassin Sirhan Sirhan.

Good luck, Lane; a place like that can be tough on a guy who has hair like yours and goes by the nickname “Tweener.”