Owen Goes Solo into the Dark Night

Second time’s the charm. On the heels of yet another breakup with Kate Hudson, Owen Wilson seems anything but depressed. Instead he wants the world to see he’s refocusing on the high living that earned him his Butterscotch Stallion moniker.

The last time Owen parted ways with Kate, he found himself hospitalized from a reported suicide attempt, but this time he’s gonad deep in booze and babes.  

In Philly to finish shooting Marley & Me with Jennifer Aniston, “he spent four and a half hours at Rick’s Cabaret,” a source tells Page Six. “He watched the Flyers game, drank beer, and when a parade of 75 half-naked girls caught his eye, he asked for dances and definitely had a preference for blondes.”

The name Kate didn’t come up once, and Wilson closed the joint, though another tipster said that upon closer inspection, “He seemed to have other things on his mind. Usually, my 36D boobs can hypnotize anyoneâ��but his mind was elsewhere.”

Uh, ya think? There’s no masking the fact that his ex is hitting the sheets (and the tabloids) with man-whore Lance Armstrong. Ha, bet he doesn’t know she’s actually on a mission to procreate.

So, party all you want, big boy. Be glad you’re out.