Spencer Pratt Takes on Bruce Jenner

Spencer Pratt is taking umbrage with Kardashian keeper, Olympic decathlete and plastic-surgery don’t Bruce Jenner.

Bruce told Us Weekly that his layabout son Brody Jenner had been “brought down” by certain friends, including Spencer and Frankie Delgado. Hills archvillain Spencer stopped posing for staged photos with Siamese twin Heidi Montag long enough to respond.

“That’s a bold statement for someone who only decided to try and be Brody’s father after Brody got famous,” Pratt says. “He should focus more on trying to be a father and worry less about Brody’s influences. Brody’s doing just fine.”

Papa Bruce needs to attack Pratt—with that gold medal. It’s supposedly quite heavy and perfect for bludgeoning obnoxious wankers.

Brody and Spencer famously (if you consider the manufactured drama on a pseudo-reality show in historic terms) ended their friendship when Spencer couldn’t deal with Brody dating Lauren Conrad.

The fellows have reportedly mended fences. Spencer might even play a part on Brody’s upcoming solo “reality” show for MTV called Bromance. Think My Super Sweet 16 but with twice the amount of entitled little bitches.

And should you need another reason to loathe Spencer Pratt, consider it done. Spencer, Heidi and two friends recently ran up a $783 bill at a Los Angeles restaurant. Then Lord High Douchebag left the server 16 bucks for his trouble.

Maybe Mr. Big Spender is saving up because Heidi needs something implanted or snipped in the near future? That’s the only reason someone of his moral fiber would stiff on a tip. Because’s he’s such a great guy. Really he is.