Barrymore to Marry More?

It takes a brave woman to marry again after being hitched to Tom Green, but Drew Barrymore can’t seem to get enough of the whole wedding thing.

According to In Touch Weekly, Drew and boyfriend Justin Long—who’ve been dating since last August and met on the set of He’s Just Not That into You—were discussing nuptial plans over a late lunch at West Hollywood eatery Hugo’s last week.

In Touch quotes fellow diner and recreational eavesdropper Jose Sandoval as saying, “The tables are close together, so it’s kind of hard not to overhear things. She said she wanted to find a wedding planner, and he said they should look at engagement rings that day. But Drew said, ‘You know what I like, surprise me.’ They seemed very happy.”

Congratulations, you crazy kids!

Unless this is all an elaborate scheme to out one Sandoval as someone who listens in on other people’s conversations and then runs blabbing to the media, thus making him a pariah in the Los Angeles restaurant community whom no one will sit near ever again.

In which case, congratulations, you crazy kids!

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