Miley’s ‘Breakout’ Album Is One-Sided

Miley Cyrus isn’t divorcing Hannah Montana, but she’s definitely sleeping with other people. Metaphorically, at least. The tween triple-threat is preparing to release her debut album as Miley.

Breakout will be hitting record stores July 22 and is the former Destiny Hope’s first attempt at an album free of any association with her Disney Channel alter ego.

The first single off the album, “7 Things,” was cowritten by Cyrus and two other songwriters. It appears to be about a former flame of the Achy Breaky spawn, whose “sincere apology” was not sufficient. According to the lyrics, “And when you mean it, I’ll believe it/ If you text it, I’ll delete it.”

Miley would like you to believe the CD title refers to her burgeoning personality, but it’s really just about an acne flare-up.