O'Donnell and Drescher Put Mute Buttons on Alert

O'Donnell and Drescher Put Mute Buttons on Alert-photo

Fran Drescher says that she will be teaming with Rosie O'Donnell in a new situation comedy with the working title of The New Thirty. Fran and Rosie will play old high school friends who are "middle-aged women on the verge of a midlife crisis" who live in the same Manhattan building. The comedy is currently "in development." Probably because the unnamed network considering the project is wondering if airing it will send people leaping out of windows to the blessed release of the pavement below.

"I love Rosie and I’ve known her for many, many years,” says Fran. "I'd trust her with my life and with my business!" Jesus, it's a sitcom, not a transplant operation.

Fran, who spoke about the concert at a Friar's Club luncheon honoring her work with her Cancer Schmancer organization, compared the show to two other famous ones.

"It's kind of Sex and the City but we ain't getting any! It'll probably be more like The Odd Couple; I'll be Oscar and she'll be Felix," she said. That will be interesting because Rosie isn't exactly a slim, fastidious, uptight sort of individual.

This writer once met Rosie on her big gay cruise. She walks around drunk in spandex biker shorts, sporting tattoos with her hair askew. If she pulls this off, it's Emmy time.





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  • xoxojaniepie

    i wonder why she won't be gettin' any........

  • notobsessed

    KIND OF like sex and the city?? KIND OF??