Owen Wilson’s Fake Marriage

What’s a good way to get over a recent, painful break-up? Star in a movie where you pretend to get married, of course. Well, this isn’t referring to Jennifer Aniston, who is currently enjoying the well-endowed loins of John Mayer (although, just give that one time). It’s Owen Wilson everyone’s concerned about because of his recent split from Kate Hudson.

The star of Marley & Me is seen here filming a wedding scene with his co-star from the film, blushing bride Aniston, at almost the same time as his ex-flame is getting cozy with Lance Armstrong in Austin, Texas. But don’t be fooled by the tux, Owen’s still very much the bachelor and has spent some of his down time from filming at the strip club, getting some attention from well-endowed blondes. So whether or not there’s a bachelor party written in the script, Owen’s making sure to do the research on his own—getting into character and whatnot.