Pete and Ashlee Covered All the Marriage Angles

And some people say that the sanctity of marriage is under attack these days.

Classy as ever, newlyweds Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson—who tied the knot over the weekend—increased their dowry by a reported seven figures after selling their wedding photos to People magazine for an estimated $1 million-plus.

The deal has Papa Joe Simpson’s stink all over it. He’s the one, after all, who reportedly shopped pics of the couple’s still-unborn kid to various magazines. And who officiated the wedding. This guy’s grip on his daughter’s life is so iron-fisted, he probably stood over them and barked directions as they consummated their marriage. While snapping photos, which he’ll eventually pitch to Celebrity Skin.

Anyway, the wedding photos, featured on the cover of People’s latest issue, are a hoot. Particularly the shot of Tony Romo seemingly dry-humping Ashlee’s sis (and maid of honor) Jessica on the dance floor, despite the fact that the pair’s relationship is reportedly kaput and the Dallas Cowboys QB only attended the wedding because Papa Joe begged him to.

But according to Wentz, Jessica wasn’t the only hoochie mama on Big Tony’s dance card. Wentz phoned in to Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS-FM radio show to drop more details. The Fall Out Boy bassist revealed that Romo also tried his moves on Granny Wentz. “My grandma had no idea who Tony Romo was, and I don’t think that Tony Romo had any idea who my grandma was, so it was probably the best dancing that was going on,” Wentz offered.

If there was any grinding involved in that dance-floor hookup, People can keep those  shots to themselves.