Steven Tyler Enters Rehab

Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler has checked himself in for substance-abuse treatment. He has entered Las Encinas Hospital in Pasadena, California, the same facility in which Dr. Drew Pinsky treated a slew of stoned-out show-biz folks on Celebrity Rehab.

It is not known whether the A-list doc will be working with Tyler.

The rehab go-round is well-worn territory for Liv Tyler’s daddy, who has long been known as a party-to-excess boy. This will be his fifth stint in treatment.

In an essay on, Tyler fessed up to his wicked ways: “I was just so selfish and one-sided. I would crawl into a little hole with whatever drug I was doing, and that’s how I lived…Four rehabilitation centers for drug abuse later, I’ve been able to take a long, hard look at my behavior.”

As he preps for another staredown with reality, daughter Liv has been going through a tough time, recently splitting with her own rocker, hubby Royston Langdon. Steven stepped up for her then, telling the world she’s “doing great.”

Looks like Pops could now use as little support of his own.