Winona Steals Keanu’s Heart, and Hopefully Stops There

Keanu Reeves and pixieish actress Winona Ryder have allegedly begun a relationship on the Connecticut set of their movie The Private Lives of Pippa Lee. Star magazine reports that the two have been “spending lots of time in each other’s trailers.” Keanu better keep some sort of hotel-room safe up in there, because Winona’s known to have some sticky fingers.

The two Gen X icons last starred together in Richard Linklater’s A Scanner Darkly. They’re also known for their somewhat lackluster performances in Francis Ford Coppola’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Watching Keanu trying to feign a British accent in that flick was like watching Jessica Simpson try to do math.

“They are also always hugging on the set,” says the mag’s source. “The chemistry is really electric.”

Maybe the electricity is stemming from some sort of court-ordered tracking device Winona has to wear? The stealing reportedly didn’t stop after her humiliating 2001 bust for shoplifting at Saks Fifth Avenue in Los Angeles. Ryder reportedly skipped out of a CVS pharmacy back in March 2008 with some makeup she didn’t pay for. Hey, Cover Girl Lash Blast owes her for even being seen with their product!

Perhaps not worried about this because he lives a sparse bohemian lifestyle anyway, Keanu, 43, has had Winona, 36, over to his place in Manhattan during a break in filming. He probably came out of the bathroom to discover her frantically stuffing all of his compact fluorescents into her shoulder bag.

Not sure this hookup has the heat to go the distance, as set romances usually tend to crash and burn. Enjoy the bumpy ride.



UPDATE:  An insider on the set of The Private Lives of Pippa Lee has confirmed to OK! magazine that there is no romance taking place between Keanu and Winona. How can anyone be so sure? Well, according to the spy, the two haven’t ever even been on on-set simultaneously, making the chance that they’re hooking up highly unlikely.