Audrina Just Won’t Give It Up

If Maxim says so, it must be true: Audrina Patridge is smokin’. She edged in at number 74 on the Maxim Hot 100…behind Lauren Conrad’s 56 and Heidi Montag’s 36.

But she’s in, and so were short skirts, spike heels, silky extensions and spray tans, as the babelies descended on Paramount Studios and then West Hollywood’s Crown Bar Wednesday night to fete…themselves.

Audrina’s been clawing at the fame ladder lately, but she only really got a leg up through the release of some naughty shots she had taken long before she climbed The Hills. They were the shots heard round the world, forcing gaggles of gawkers to take another gander.

So, it was quite the shocker when she turned her nose at the opportunity to sign the very peekaboo pics that got her noticed. (Check out the A-list Maxim madness in the clip below.) She could have gained a fan forever.

But Audrina wants to be a serious thespian (no, not lesbian!) now. As evidenced by her no-chance-at-Oscar first film role, Into the Blue 2, in which she gets to show the world what she’s capable of

When asked by E! Online if there were any mammary rumors she wanted to quash—as in, did she or did she not enhance?—she piped up, “Leave my boobs alone!”

If only we could, little girl…if only we could.