Beyoncé Steps in for Winehouse, Sans Rat’s Nest

Beyoncé will step in to sing the theme song for the 22nd James Bond film, Quantum of Solace, the London Paper reports. Rehab naysayer Amy Winehouse was working with producer Mark Ronson on a song but had to cease and desist after Ronson found her work ethics somewhat lacking.

The Bootylicious one is said to be in talks with Bond biggies to sing a song written by Amanda Ghost, which will be produced by John Barry, who has composed 15 of the past 007 flicks.

The obviously exasperated Ronson had been quoted as saying it would be “a miracle of science” if Winehouse were to pull it together and finish their song. Amy is preoccupied with her other efforts, which include wandering London stoned out and self-mutilated and head-butting regular Joes.

Amy’s drug dealer spokesperson confirmed that Winehouse is through with the project.

“She didn’t like the track they were working on and felt it was the wrong thing to get involved in.”

Keep in mind that in Amy’s world, making out with the scab-ridden Pete Doherty and filming herself smoking crack seems to be “the right” thing.