Britney’s Retail Therapy Session

With her Costa Rica kickin’ just a sun-soaked memory, Britney Spears is getting back to business.

And business in the pop tart’s world of late means showing the world she’s doing just fine, dammit. Brit-Brit hit up paparazzi-pool Robertson Boulevard in Bev Hills on Wednesday, looking tanned, toned and amazingly even-tempered.

The ‘razzi rallied round, flashbulbs a-poppin’, shouting out howls of encouragement and adoration, and Britney sucked it up like an iced mocha in July. With nothing but a smile and a wave, she entered and browsed her old favorite Lisa Kline boutique. And compared with her recent frenzied, grab-anything-you-can shopping sprees, she kept the credit card pretty darned sheltered, walking out with only some small bags.

And the covert escapes of her past? They’re no more, as she held her head high and readied for her close-up. Ha, maybe dear old dad Jamie Spears really is earning his extra keep.

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