Denise Richards Is Gettin’ Paid

Charlie Sheen once reportedly said of his prostitute habit, “You don’t pay them for sex. You pay them to leave.”

In the case of his ex-wife Denise Richards, Sheen is apparently shelling out big-time to be rid of her.

Richards might have shunned Charlie’s semen, but apparently she’ll take his cash, and plenty of it. The New York Post reports that, despite her claims that she signed on for her new reality show, It’s Complicated, because she needs the cash for her kids, the actress is very well taken care of in that department.

 ”Denise gets $52,000 a month tax-free in child support,” the Post quotes a source close to Sheen as saying. “Most people in America can figure out how to live on that, but Denise can’t?”

Richards also received $60,000 a month in tax-free alimony for two years and owns a piece of Sheen’s hit sitcom, Two and a Half Men, which will eventually net her up to $25 million, the Post estimates.

Not a bad chunk of change for four years of marriage (the couple were wed in 2002 and divorced in 2006). Sure, those aren’t Heather Mills numbers, but maybe she can get together with Sir Paul’s ex and pick up some pointers.

Then the two of them can cackle evilly and castrate a voodoo doll. Fifty-two grand a month will buy a lot of voodoo dolls. And knives.