Hair’s the Thing with Cameron…

Cameron Diaz has gone the way of the cinematic die-hards, ye of the 40-pound weight gains, sudden go-rounds with gauntness and dramatic onscreen uglifications.

She has donned a bald cap to play supportive parent to a leukemia patient in My Sister’s Keeper, costarring Alec Baldwin, Abigail Breslin and Joan Cusack. A tearjerker through and through, suffice it to say Shrek, it ain’t.

The actress was shooting scenes on the Santa Monica Pier and didn’t shy away from photogs. But even hairless and wrapped in a grandma sweater, damned if blue-eyed Diaz still doesn’t look do-me ready.

Maybe it’s all that talk about her quest to grab a whole lotta tail.

Hate to admit it, but in a twisted way…yum.