Harrison Ford Speaks Slowly, Carries a Big Whip

George Lucas recently hinted to Fox News that he plans to upgrade Shia LaBeouf to top billing in his Indiana Jones movies. Until then, the franchise still belongs to Harrison Ford, and it’s his moment to shine, as he did with Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America.

Is Diane drunk in the interview below? Or perhaps she’s just giddy from being in such close quarters with Harrison Ford.

Granted, both of them look great for their ages (Diane’s 62, Harrison’s 65), but listen to the pacing of this interview. Not what you’d call a spring-chicken Q&A.

The liveliest part of the clip comes about five minutes in, when Harrison demonstrates just how well he handles the whip. If you thought Diane was hot and bothered at the intro of the sit-down, wait until you see when she gets a load of Harrison cracking his weathered piece of leather.