Jodie’s Love Train Picks Up a New Passenger

Jodie Foster may have broken up with her long-time partner, Cydney Bernard, but she’s anything but lonesome. According to the National Enquirer, the Nim’s Island star is finding comfort in the arms of her new love, Cindy Mort. The tabloid is reporting that Foster’s relationship with Mort started on the set of The Brave One, on which the 51-year-old brunette acted as screenwriter and producer.

Before pairing up with Jodie, Mort was engaged in a long-term relationship with thirtysomething actress Melanie Mayron. The couple reportedly remain friends even after their split, sharing two children and living down the street from one another.

As for Foster and Bernard, they are still living in the same house, however the “love is gone,” according to a tipster. Both plan to move into separate homes.

The source added, “They’ll continue to raise the boys together and try to keep a loving family unit despite their breakup.”

No word on when Anne Heche will craftily find a way to inject herself into the situation.