Lindsay Dodges Balls on 'Ugly Betty'...Not That Kind

Lindsay Dodges Balls on 'Ugly Betty'...Not That Kind-photo

So, the much anticipated season finale of Ugly Betty is on tonight.

Here's a sneak peek at Lindsay Lohan guest-starring in the episode in a role she's done before and quite well, a high school bully.

Tonight, La Lohan's character is introduced to the series as a blast from Betty's academic past. She is set to star in six episodes of the series. This clip is a promo revealing a flashback in which Lindsay and Betty are in gym class, engaged in a classic adolescent activity intended to humiliate, dodgeball.

If Lindsay manages to nail the role as well as she did on Mean Girls and in real life, then it's bound to be a memorable experience—at least one worthy of TiVoing. Let's see how well she can hold her own against such high-class bitchery as that which is created by formidable onscreen divas Wilhelmina Slater, Marc St. James and Amanda Tanen.



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  • bawwow

    i watched it -- shes only in the first 30 seconds of the entire hour long show. lol

  • xoxojaniepie

    I'll watch this tonight with an open mind, but my expectations have a mind of their own.