Olsen Twins Starbucks Scandal!

Olsen Twins Starbucks Scandal!-photo

According to Eonline.com, the Olsen Twins may have been receiving more than their daily jolt of caffeine with their coffee recently.

A source claims that a barista at a Starbucks in New York's West Village that Mary-Kate and Ashley frequent "thought the Olsens were too thin, so whenever they ordered their usual drink, he would replace the skim milk with full-fat."

Holy smokes; someone call the FBI!

Or maybe not. An Olsens rep calls the claim "ridiculous," while Starbucks issued a response too long-winded and full of corporate-speak to warrant replication here. Suffice it to say, though, that they're also denying the claim.

Any recent picture of Mary-Kate and Ashley would also seem to debunk the story. Those two are so twiggy that you could rub them together and start a fire. There's no way their coffee has been dosed with whole milk.

Laxatives and smack, perhaps. But whole milk? Never...


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