Paris Hilton, Homebody?

Oh, this is cute.

E! News quotes a source close to Paris Hilton and Benji Madden as saying that, since the pair started dating earlier this year, they’ve become a regular Ward and June Cleaver.

“The two stay home as much as they can, cooking dinners and just hanging out,” the source claims. “She makes him her specialty dish, lasagna, and he loves it.”

But wait, there’s more. The source elaborates on the celebutante and the rocker’s allegedly low-key lifestyle, claiming that their favorite activities include watching comedies and cuddling.

This account smacks of blatant image-massaging.

Wasn’t Paris banned from a Russian hotel in April after trashing her room? And hasn’t she become so good at club-hopping that she actually gets paid to do it?

Here’s a hint, Paris; when you spend every waking moment shoving your face in a camera, it’s a little difficult to claim that, really, all you want is to spend quiet time at home with your boyfriend, a plate of lasagna and the copy of The Waterboy that you picked up from Blockbuster.

And, come to think of it, won’t the new reality-TV show you’re planning—the one that will center around your supposedly personal life—put a crimp in the whole quiet-nights-at-home thing?

If you really wanted to avoid the public eye and ensconce yourself in a big, fuzzy ball of domestic bliss, you could.

And the world would probably thank you for it.

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