Usher Firing His Wife?

Young, Black & Fabulous is reporting that R&B megastar Usher filed for a separation from his wife of nine months, mannish stylist Tameka Raymond three weeks ago. Who’s going to dress him now? Shouldn’t he think about these things?

Tameka gave birth to the couple’s son, Usher Raymond V, in November of 2007.

The couple had planned a lavish wedding for July of 2007, but it was abruptly canceled, and they were instead married at his lawyer’s office in August. There has been bad blood in the Raymond family from the very beginning, as Usher’s former manager, his mother Jonetta, reportedly hates Tameka with a fiery passion that only a mother hating a golddigger can feel.

In oddly coincidental timing, Usher has an album coming out. Here I Stand, the CD that hosts “Love in This Club,” hits next week, and his video for “Moving Mountains” just “leaked” to the Web today.

Usher ended his last major relationship, with TLC’s Chilli, right before he released his Confessions in 2004, and that went on to rule the charts. So, if you’re dating him when he’s in the studio, you probably don’t want to unpack your things, girls.

Usher and Tameka have not spoken publicly about the separation or the reason for it as of yet.

Despite the rumors about the trouble in their relationship, the split does come as somewhat of a surprise. Tameka was with Usher at his MTV promo shoot this past Sunday, and all seemed well. Maybe she was working as a crew member? She looks really, really strong.