Lindsay and Sam Express Their, Uh, Friendship

Well, this should quell those rumors that Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson are more than just close pals.

The actress and the disc jockey attended Diddy’s yacht party in Cannes last night and, according to U.K. paper the Sun, they appeared to be extraordinarily cozy.

The paper quotes a fellow guest as observing, “They looked like proper lovebirds,” and “they didn’t care who saw them draped over each other.” According to the report, the two left the party holding hands at 5:30 a.m.

When will this scurrilous rumor-mongering stop? Yes, they were snuggling and clasping digits, but—duh!—they were out on the open water, at night. It gets cold out there, people, and as the photos show, they weren’t exactly dressed for chilly weather. (Guess you shouldn’t have returned that fur coat, Linds.) Hypothermia is no joke.

And, yes, in the above shot it does appear that the two are kissing. But Samantha probably had a bit of food stuck in her teeth, and Lindsay was removing it for her. With her tongue. That’s what friends do.

Geez, when did the world become so cynical?