Mischa Barton’s Handy-Dandy Line of Bags

The O.C. star seems to have had enough of not being able to carry around her giant bottles of alcohol and pills without drawing the attention of the paparazzi.

And what better reason does actress Mischa Barton need to launch her own line of handbags, suitable to conceal her contraband?

U.S. shoppers shouldn’t get too excited. Mischa’s wares will only be sold in boutiques in the UK starting July 2; so it sounds as if she’s focusing her personal vision of style on the other side of the pond.

A Barton rep told London press, “Mischa has always loved fashion and especially handbags, which is why she jumped at the chance of creating her own line with a team of designers.”

Mischa should really focus on enormously big handbags. She could market them toward publicists, who hope to discreetly remove their unconscious starlet clients from parties where they’ve passed out.

Each bag should be able to hold at least one Olsen twin and maybe a tube of lipstick.