Paula Abdul May be S.O.L. with ‘DWTS’

Paula Abdul has made no secret that she would be “honored” to appear on Dancing with the Stars. But if American Idol executive producer Nigel Lythgoe has his way, the ditzy AI panelist will be keeping her dancing shoes in the closet.

Lythgoe tells In Touch Weekly, “As far as I’m concerned, Paula is American Idol and our judge…it’s like asking Simon [Cowell] to sing. Why would I want that?”

The Idol head honcho’s primary concern, of course, is that Dancing with the Stars is broadcast on rival network ABC. Which is a fair point. But wouldn’t he leap at the chance to let the often erratic panelist be someone else’s problem for a while?

Oh well. If Paula is truly intent on showing off her dancing skills, she’ll find an appropriate forum. Such as a street corner. While appearing to have a belly full of pills and liquor. As aghast passersby point and ask, “Isn’t that…?”

Hopefully, that won’t be too much of an adjustment for Paula. Or an embarrassment to Nigel Lythgoe.