Tom Cruise Wants Baby Shop to Shut the Hell Up

Tom Cruise is about ready to marshall his flying saucer-worshipping troops against oh so trendy Los Angeles baby boutique Petit Trésor. His lawyer has sent the store a cease-and-desist letter ordering them to stop revealing “bogus” details to gossip hounds of what he and wife Katie Holmes have spent on daughter Suri. No one must know about the “Someday I’ll Be a Robot Like Mommy!” onesie!

On May 12, Tom’s legal eagle, Aaron J. Moss, sent owner Samantha Winch a letter accusing Petit Trésor of violating the privacy of its clientele and feeding false information to tabloids. Moss claims the store, which has two locations in Los Angeles, revealed to Life & Style magazine that the Cruises had spent between $350,000 and $400,000 in their stores. In the letter, Moss said the actions were “for the purpose of enhancing [the store’s] image and obtaining a commercial advantage.”

Moss also requested that Petit Trésor back up what a representative told the New York Daily News in 2007, that “we don’t talk about any of our clients.” Which is interesting because whenever a celebrity has a baby, there is inevitably a laundry list of what they spent at Petit Trésor in every rag known to man—everything from the $100 Gucci Rattle to Baby’s first $50,000 stroller.

In an email to E! News, Petit Trésor rep Andy Behrman said when store employees were asked what Tom and Katie had spent in their store, they “never mentioned that this $350K-$400K figure included anything purchased [there].”

When it comes to A-list baby buying, Petit has never been shy about delivering the deets. But the Cruise concern is only seeking protection for themselves; so it’s safe to assume other notables, like Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez and even buddies the Beckhams are still fair game.

“Please do not say anything (whether true or false) about Mr. Cruise’s and Ms. Holmes’ shopping habits, consistent with your representation to the New York Daily News in December 2007 that ‘We don’t talk about any of our clients,’ ” Moss’ letter concludes.

Way to look out for number one, Tom. It takes a village, you know.