Nicole Richie Awarded for Doing Her Job

Socialite and, well, socialite Nicole Richie is being rewarded with a Golden Pacifier by Babytalk magazine for her parenting skills. Babytalk editor in chief Lisa Moran realizes it might seem odd to be rewarding a spoiled socialite for not leaving her baby in a trash bin somewhere, but she feels that Nicole really deserves it.

Moran told OK! magazine that heiress Richie has done a 180 by turning her life around and caring for her six-month-old baby Harlow.

“Honoring Nicole Richie with a Babytalk Golden Pacifier Award might come as a surprise to some, but we felt that she deserved some recognition for her turnaround since becoming a mom,” Moran says.

Rewarding celebrities for basically doing what other humans have been doing for centuries (namely, feeding and clothing their offspring) has been become somewhat of a trend. Desperate Stagemom Dina Lohan was recently cited as one of Long Island’s Top 20 Moms by the Mingling Moms organization in New York.

In Nicole’s defense, she hasn’t tarted up Harlow yet to sell her to the masses like Dina, but give her time. It’s only been six months.