Olsen Twins’ Big Life Gets a Wee Bit Smaller

They may look tiny to the eye, but Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen usually don’t do anything small. Oddly, they have downsized their NYC digs, switching from their gently used downtown penthouse into a rental triplex, one Page Six calls a “nice brownstone” in the West Village.

What isn’t nice is the impression those two crazy kids are leaving on the neighbors. “The bodyguards in their SUVs are always getting in the way of our alternate-side parking routine,” a source told the paper. “You’d think the president was living here.”

Another resident weighed in on their body clocks: “They certainly keep late hours…I was jogging early one morning, and they were piling out of their gas guzzlers in their little club outfits.”

Don’t they know a good neighbor is one you never see?

The new Olsen abode is certainly more cozy—5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a terrace to their previous home’s 12 rooms, 53 windows and 5,700 square feet, complete with a 53-foot-long entertainment space punctuated only by a fireplace. “It’s very dramatic, very dramatic; you walk in, and it’s right there, bang,” one real-estate agent told the New York Observer.

Maybe the twin bajillionaires needed to tighten their belts—they can’t unload their first pad. Purchased in 2004 for $7.3 million, it was gutted and put back on the market for $11.9 mil…and just reduced to $10.5. Spare change to many New Yorkers, but no one’s biting.

And you know what happens when kids don’t get their way…