Ashlee and Pete’s Honeymoon Bikini Shots

Pictures from Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz’s undercover honeymoon to the Caribbean have turned up, and everyone is of course looking very closely at Mrs. Wentz’s possibly pregnant belly. It’s pretty hard to tell if there’s an unborn emo child lurking in her womb or if she just really enjoyed her last trip to the buffet.

Of Ashlee’s rumored pregnancy, Pete told Ryan Seacrest in a post-wedding interview for Ryan’s KIIS-FM radio show, “Ryan, this baby has not been confirmed.” The new husband continued by saying, “The only thing I’m confirming now is that we’re in the basement on our honeymoon with these blowup palm trees.”

Basically, these two probably are going to be as forthcoming about their bundle of joy as J.Lo, meaning it won’t be until they’re doing a splashy cover shoot for People magazine that anything will be known for sure.

So, is there or isn’t there a baby bump? Take our poll at right, and you tell us!

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