Courtney Love: “No Abortion for Me, Thanks!”

Some might argue that Courtney Love’s entire career has been one big, long abortion, but in at least one instance they’d be wrong.     

In his upcoming memoir Bumping Into Geniuses, record-biz bigwig and former Nirvana manager Danny Goldberg claims that he and a group of Love’s inner circle attempted to stage an intervention when they found out she was pregnant with daughter Frances Bean.

According to the New York Post, Goldberg and the others were concerned about what effect Love’s heroin use would have on her fetus. During a meeting with a chemical-dependency expert at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Love flew into an uncharacteristic, profanity-laden tirade when she was told that “it was not a great idea to have a baby while dealing with addiction.”

“You’re not telling me to have a f*cking abortion, are you?” Love reportedly replied. “I mean, I’m pro-choice, but that doesn’t mean that anyone has the right to tell me to have a f*cking abortion.”

Love reportedly did eventually give up smack whille carrying Frances Bean, who was born healthy in August 1992. Is it too late for a Mother of the Year award?