Jason Lewis Doesn’t Like to Kiss and Smell

Much like the episode of SATC in which Samantha couldn’t decide whether putting up with stinky spunk was worth the trade-off for good sex, Jason Lewis was once faced with a smelly partner whose overpowering stench ultimately broke up their relationship.

Doing press for the big-screen Sex and the City, the model turned actor told WENN about his past dilemma, “I remember thinking, ‘Your arms stink, your breath stinks. Oh, God, even your hair stinks.’ I asked a female friend, ‘What do I do? Slip her acidophilus when I cook for her?’ “

However, the olfactory overload proved too much for the man, and he dumped the odoriferous lass. Wisely, Jason opted not to drop any names, but some of the high-profile ladies he’s dated include Rosario Dawson, Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Esposito.

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