The Audrina Patridge Breast Debate: Photos Don't Lie

The Audrina Patridge Breast Debate: Photos Don't Lie-photo

No question about it, Audrina Patridge provides two of the best reasons to tune in to MTV series The Hills. But much like the show itself, Audrina's sweater bumps raise interesting quandaries about the line between reality and fiction.

As the gallery at the right demonstrates, Audy's measurements have displayed a remarkable growth spurt in the past few years.

Click through the pics and let us know what you think—are Patridge's puppies the product of a real-life genetic jackpot or the surgeon's knife?



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  • hhh

    awesome boobs,juicy boobs. she should let those juicy puppies hang.

  • hwoodgrrl

    the bigger the better! now its lauren's

  • missamericandream

    100% fake

  • gossipguy

    ummmm no her arms and stomach are exactly the same size in both pictures

  • blondebomb33

    Well, she was skinnier back then so it makes sense that her boobs would be smaller. Compare the two pictures of her in a bikini... it's not just her boobs that have changed.