Ashlee Drops a Simpson, Gains a Wentz

On the high heels of her May 17 fairy-tale wedding, Ashlee Simpson has completed the transition to old-school marital bliss. She has taken the name of her husband, officially becoming Ashlee Wentz, the singer tells People.

“I think that’s something a woman should do when they’re marrying a man,” she says. “It’s a tradition that I think is a great tradition.”

Professionally, she’s holding off on the giant leap, instead taking a baby step to the hyphenate Ashlee Simpson-Wentz rather than the new mono-moniker. Emo hubby Pete Wentz says he didn’t have strong feelings either way: “These decisions with Ashlee and her name are all completely up to Ashlee. I want her to do these kinds of things the way she wants to do them.”

Now that the deal’s been done, though, he’s looking nothing but forward to years of picture-perfect family gatherings. “The Wentz family—our Christmas card just got upgraded!” he says. “It feels insane.”

Yeah, the Xmas missive will be sweet…but who’s gonna tell Pete he’ll need to spend some time Photoshopping out papa Joe?