R. Kelly Fingered by Assistant, Feels Some Discomfort

It’s going to be a busy day for R. Kelly.

As his child-pornography trial continued yesterday, the singer’s former producer and personal assistant Lindsey Perryman testified that she’s “110 percent sure” that Kelly is the man on a sex tape featuring a girl as young as 13 being urinated and ejaculated upon, according to E! Online.

Perryman’s testimony contradicts that of Kelly lawyer Sam Adam Jr., who earlier maintained that the singer bears a mole that’s not evident on the male in the tape.

During her time on the stand, Perryman also stated that she recognized the alleged victim from the recording studio, and recalled driving her from school to the studio.

“She has distinct cheekbones, the way she moves her mouth and talks and smiles,” Perryman, who says that Kelly introduced the girl as his goddaughter, noted. “It’s very distinctive to her.” 

Perryman’s assertions were backed up by Tadja Burnett, a family friend of the alleged victim. Burnett testified that she recognized the girl on the tape by her cheeks, nose and overall facial structure.

The defense countered with testimony that the alleged victim wore braces between 1997 and 1999, a period that overlaps with the believed production of the tape. Burnett was forced to admit that the girl on the tape didn’t appear to be wearing braces.

So, if there’s no brace-face, there is no case? Time will tell—with three weeks of testimony left and the defense yet to present its side, the only thing for sure is that the outpouring of information will be formidable.

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