Who Is This Inked Woman?

Just how powerful a pop-culture phenomenon is MTV’s quasi-reality show The Hills? Even the second-stringers’ siblings are finding a place in the limelight.

A certain Hills caster had a bite to eat with her sister at Sushi Roku in Los Angeles yesterday, before the pair kicked off a shopping spree at Diesel on Melrose. The heavily tatted sis—who has already grabbed a little screen time on an episode of Ashton Kutcher’s Pop Fiction—couldn’t help but capture the paps’ attention as she flaunted her impressive ink and generally clowned around.

So, who’s the latest product of The Hills’ unstoppable juggernaut of semi-fame?

Click and drag on the “invisible” paragraph below for the answer. Or if you prefer, click into the gallery at top right. We’re all about options here.

It’s Audrina Patridge’s sister, Casey!