Bill Murray’s Wife Hits Hard

It turns out Bill Murray might not be the jovial guy everyone makes him out to be. Murray’s wife of 10 years, Jennifer Butler Murray, has filed for divorce in a Charleston, South Carolina, court, TMZ reports. The couple keeps a home in the area, and Bill co-owns the minor-league Charleston RiverDogs.

The missus charges that Billy is a mess, with court docs listing “adultery, addiction to marijuana and alcohol, abusive behavior, physical abuse, sexual addictions and frequent abandonment” as some of her grievances. She has also asked for a restraining order to keep him away from the homestead.

Someone clearly crossed the streams on their proton packs! According to the Charleston Post & Courier, Jennifer moved her and their sons Caleb, Jackson, Cooper and Lincoln out of the house in 2006 due to Bill’s issues. And she has petitioned the court to examine the worthiness of their prenup, which currently states she gets $7 million if their marriage goes belly up.

The filing says Murray “hit his wife in the face and then told her she was lucky he didn’t kill her.” And all this time we thought he was just the best part of Rushmore.

Murray’s reps have released the standard-issue statement: “Bill Murray is deeply saddened by the dissolution of his marriage to Jennifer. Mr. and Mrs. Murray remain loving parents, committed to the best interests of their children. [He] asks that the public respect his family’s privacy at this difficult time.”

Tender wording for a tough situation. Expect this one to get way worse before it gets better.

In the meantime, weigh in on whether or not Jennifer’s allegations will be proven true.

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