Elisha Cuthbert Picks Up a Bum

Elisha Cuthbert Picks Up a Bum-photo

Maybe it's her Canadian origins that makes 24's star daughter Elisha Cuthbert seem so natural, down-to-earth and as refreshing as undriven snow.

Even portraying a clear-faced porn star in 2004's The Girl Next Door, Elisha brought an innocent candid good nature to the role.

It almost seems as if she might be an actual good person.

So, it comes as no surprise that Cuthbert—currently on hiatus from dating the entire National Hockey League in sequence—paused while exiting Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills to help an elderly, bleeding man to his feet.

The guy appears to have tripped in an ill-conceived attempt to gain an upskirt view of Elisha's unmentionables.

He should have realized there's no point in trying for a sneak peek of a girl when she's always auditioning for the part of Mother Teresa.



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  • mcmp2000

    At least she's not picking up another hockey player.

  • allanthekind

    Elisha Cuthbert is a hearty drinker. She recognizes this fallen comrade as a member of the hearty drinking tribe. She's thinking, Jeez, one day when I'm plastered, I might fall down and smash my head open. And I'll want someone to help me up. So she's not really being nice, she's preparing for her future. Did I mention that Elisha Cuthbert looks just like a girl I broke up with because she kept my house so clean that whenever I went to the kitchen, I'd see my face reflected in the shine on the stove? If I was some kind of egomaniac, that might have been great.

  • notobsessed

    she looks realllyyyy cute- i want her scarf!

  • xoxojaniepie

    LOL she's either really dim-witted or really kind.