It's Peanuts and Crackerjacks for Leonardo and Bar

It's Peanuts and Crackerjacks for Leonardo and Bar-photo

They're two of show-biz's prettiest people, living large and playing hard. But what really fuels the fun between Leonardo DiCaprio and Israeli catwalker Bar Refaeli? They wanna root, root, root for the home team, in their case the New York Yankees.

Amid continuing rumors of their on, off and on again status, OK! says Leo has gifted his girl with Yankee box seats to show her just how regular-guy he can be.

“Leo's a big sports guy," a source tells the mag, "and Bar is low-key and up for anything. It's another thing the two of them can do together, just like any other normal couple."

Supposedly they've been seen spicing the New York streets all eco-friendly, on bikes, in hybrids and even on foot.

"They're perfect for each other," which translates to all is well in Lover Land. But if they're so into America's favorite pastime in America's most photographed city, it's sure suspicious why paparazzi have never caught them in the stands.

Are the Yanks just a pawn in the game of cat and tabloid mouse?



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  • Melissa

    I don't really think they are the couple type. I believe they are rushing too fast..

  • allanthekind

    Baseball can be a tricky game to attend with your girlfriend. There are all these dead spots, unlike basketball and hockey, and the girlfriend may interpret lulls in the action as good times to have a talk. Leo should remember not to use up all his good topics during the drive in to the stadium. By the way, Bar Rafaeli looks just like a girl I broke up with because she was spending too much money on me, and there is such a thing as being over-pampered.

  • lisatee

    they kind of look related.

  • mraniston

    i wouldnt mind being him for a few hours

  • bawwow

    she's got big boobs for a model!

  • xoxojaniepie

    what a gorgeous, smart couple!

  • rockinout

    she's the hottest woman alive