Julia Roberts Wants the Paparazzi’s Kids to Starve

During filming of her film Duplicity, in which she stars with Clive Owen, Julia Roberts brought production to a grinding halt when paparazzi showed up. The overly zealous lensmen interrupted a scene in which she and her hunky screenmate were supposed to kiss at the Fiumicino Airport in Rome, and she wasn’t about to do the deed in front of unwelcome swarms.

So at a gajillion bucks a minute, everyone waited in hopes that the photogs would disperse.

Perhaps Julia was simply playing the part of the A-list Hollywood movie prima donna, or maybe she knows all too well how easily a “romance” between herself and Clive could be fabricated from a few well-placed shots.

It’s easy to see how Julia’s cameraman husband, Danny Moder, might feel threatened by this piece of prime man-meat. What say you? Take our poll at right, and weigh in.