Sisters Are Doing It for Themselves

Despite the engagement being off, Lindsay Lohan and her rebuffed suitor Samantha Ronson took Lindsay’s older younger sister Ali out for a walk in NYC yesterday. Due to advances in makeup, parental terrorism and misplaced values, dragon mom Dina Lohan has successfully managed to make Ali Lohan look far more mature than her big sister. And Lindsay Lohan isn’t exactly fresh as a daisy.

What could possibly go wrong when a rehabbed party addict actress, the lovelorn female DJ she’s totally using to stay in the papers and the completely impressionable little sister of messy actress take to the pathways of Manhattan? This is not going to end up with a playful montage of their romp on the Alice in Wonderland statues in Central Park accompanied by perky pop songs.

Ali, 14 going on 42, is currently starring in her own E! reality series, Living Lohan, alongside her fame-crazed mom. She has stated that older sister Lindsay, 29, is her role model in life. Good luck with that.

Lindsay, perhaps asking Samantha, 30, to leave the porkpie hat at home for this one, was recently photographed nuzzling and possibly making out with Samantha at a party on Diddy’s yacht in Cannes last week. Speculation about an engagement began when Lohan showed up for a Dolce & Gabbana party the next evening with a ring displayed prominently on her finger. When asked by a TMZ cameraman if the world should be gearing up for a lesbian wedding that isn’t Ellen’s, Ronson replied, “Not true.”

It’s all fun and games until Samantha pulls up with a U-Haul full of her furniture outside Lindsay’s place, and LiLo finally tells her she was faking. Expect some blood on Ronson’s turntables after that.