Britney Spears Still ‘Tenuous’

Los Angeles Court Commissioner Reva Goetz has determined that Britney Spears’ mental condition is too “strenuous” to dissolve father Jamie Spears’ conservatorship over her estate.

These findings were issued after Goetz and lawyers for the Spears family spent 90 minutes in a closed-door hearing yesterday.

Britney and her dad were not present. Wal-Mart had a good deal on Slushie machines.

“It’s my understanding that her condition is somewhat tenuous,” Goetz stated. Goetz also said that Britney is to undergo “additional testing in the not too distant future.”

Despite laying off partying, focusing on her singing career and positive reviews for her two appearances on CBS’ How I Met Your Mother, it seems Britney still has a ways to go.

Goetz might also have take into consideration Britney’s recent vacation time in Costa Rica at loony bigot Mel Gibson’s home, running about on the beach with her agent, Jason Trawick.

Possibly sexually gratifying your rep to keep the TV roles a-flowing might not be seen as rational behavior. Or maybe Brit’s more in charge of her career than we know!

But Britney’s probate attorney Samuel Ingham agrees with the commish.

“In fact it could be harmful to her to participate [in her own legal affairs],” Ingham said.

It sounds like Jamie won’t have to go back to slinging lasagna at weddings anytime soon.

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