Denise Richards Beats Dina Lohan in a TKO

It was the battle of the D-cups when E! Networks pitted man-monger Denise Richards against fame-monger Dina Lohan with dueling network premieres of pseudo-reality shows.

After countless reairs, it’s clear that crazy Charlie’s ex has squeaked out a victory over crazy Michael’s ex, with a half million more opening-night viewers. E! is smiling over both shows, but this triumph has more to do with preshow publicity than the virtues of either one.

Both babes hit every outlet known to man, from The View to GMA to Larry King Live, with the goal of getting you to not believe the anti-hype. They’re just single moms trying to claw their way to inner peace and prosperity by doing the very best they can with what they have. Yeah, yeah.

What might have turned the tide in Denise’s favor is the public perception of husband stealer versus child pimper. Denise caught flack from Charlie for including her kids in the show but has managed to convince the masses the tykes are only incidental to the series.

Mama Lo has received nothing but colossal tsk-tsks for climbing atop the back of tween daughter Ali Lohan to steer her down the same path as Lindsay.

And we all know how that is turning out…