Halle Links Motherhood to Plum Roles

Halle Berry feels that her two-month-old Nahla has not only brought fulfillment on a personal level but the tyke has the potential to help the Academy Award-winning actress expand her career possibilities.

The Monster’s Ball star said, “I feel having a baby will open up a whole new world for me. I think I’ll actually find better roles, because I’ve gotten past being the ingenue and sex symbol.”

It will probably also help that Berry has decided to be more selective about future film roles, choosing to work less and spend more time with model boyfriend Gabriel Aubry and their newborn daughter.

However, still no word on whether or not Berry sees a wedding in her near future.

But at the very least, maybe this baby will keep the actress from venturing into Catwoman 2: Further Adventures in Leather and Spandex.