Lindsay Lohan Fights for Gay Rights at 40,000 Feet

Lindsay Lohan reorganized the seating arrangements in the business-class section of a JFK flight to L.A. Thursday morning, TMZ reports. LezLo managed to get the crew to move passengers around to allow her to sit next to her “girlfriend for the cameras,” 30-year-old porkpie-hatted DJ Samantha Ronson.

Business class? But I Know Who Killed Me was a blockbuster! Besides, there’s always someone on an airplane loudly squawking about something; so hopefully someone threw a hissy fit about “entitled bad actresses.”

Lohan also was said to have requested a “warm compress” for her chest. Well, coke makes your heart beat really fast sometimes, and it can be scary. Either that or Ronson got a little rough with the ta-tas. If you’re going to use her to gay ways for the tabloids, you’re going to have to throw her a bone like that once in a while, Linds.

The flight was apparently a veritable who’s who (?) of the entertainment world, as singer James Ingram was in first class and former actor and current Christian evangelist Stephen Baldwin lurked back in coach.

Hey, Lindsay’s dad, Michael Lohan, is one of those who turned to Jesus for the press, too! You guys could have bonded!