Mischa Barton: From DUI to MIA

Mischa Barton sure is mercurial.

One minute she’s acting all contrite, talking about how she’s using her DUI bust as a lesson to become a responsible person. The next she’s bailing on promotional duties for her new movie, You and I.

Mischa reportedly went missing in action for the flick’s Cannes premiere. Now she’s apparently ditched promotional duties for the flick in England, according to the New York Post’s Page Six.

According to the film’s director, Roland Joffé, Barton “hasn’t pulled out of interviews, she’s pulled out of everything. Her room is here, she is here, but trying to get the two together has just been impossible. We just don’t know where Mischa is.”

Actually, skulking away when the press scrutiny gets too intense is nothing new for Mischa.

Last year, persistent queries about a DUI caused her to edge out of a Vegas gig. Now, it’s lingering party-girl speculation and the ripples of her backside that might have her seeking greener pastures.

So, coming soon to a dairy cooler near you: Milk cartons with Mischa’s pic on them, under the caption, “Have you seen this stoned, overprivileged, cellulite-carrying pain in the ass?”